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The word “minister” means to serve or to give. Within the context of the Christian community “ministry” means to give generously for love for God. . Ministry is the way we proclaim the Good News of the Gospel. Our actions and behavior tell others they are truly loved. In experiencing this love people know that Jesus is present among us, and that He loves them deeply and personally. At Our Lady of Refuge, there are numerous ministries, ways in which we give service. Some members of our parish family share their time and talents to help others within the church community. Others reach out to the larger world. Many people within our parish family are involved in multiple ministries and give to both the local community and the larger world beyond it. Each ministry group within our parish provides varied kinds of services. Yet each has a central focus or purpose, as is described below.

Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Ministries focus on participation in the Eucharist and other liturgical services of the parish. The Liturgical ministry groups include Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Ushers, Altar Society, the Music Ministries, Greeters, members of the Environment Committee, Infant Baptism Committees and Ministers who bring the Eucharist to the Sick and Elderly.

Education Ministries

The Education Ministries focus on the Parish School and on Faith Formation Ministries - the School of Religious Education and Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

Community Building Ministries

The Community Building Ministries focus on forming and deepening bonds of love and friendship within the parish family. The Community Building groups include Joy With Others (Senior Citizens), Young Ladies' Institute (YLI), Servants of the Sorrowing, Marriage Encounter, Hospitality Committee, The Council of Catholic Women and the "Yarn Barn Chicks".

Spiritual Growth Ministries

The Spiritual Growth Ministries focus on the spiritual growth of members and the entire parish through prayer, reading, study, participation in workshops and liturgical services. The principal Spiritual Growth Ministries within the parish are Small Church Communities, Bible Study Groups, Catholic Men's Fellowship, the Prayer Group, Vocations and Retreats.

Outreach Ministries

The Outreach Ministries focus on service to the broader community outside the parish. They include the St. Vincent de Paul Conference, Foreign Mission Outreach, Prison Ministry, Ministry to Convalescent Homes, Ministry to the Homeless and Respect Life.