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Community Building Ministries

Community Building ministries are involved in a wide range of outreach, educational, liturgical and spiritual growth works, but their primary focus is to deepen bonds of love within the Christian community itself . Friendships formed in these ministry groups often last a lifetime and are so close that members become “extended family” to each other. The Community Building Ministries from Our Lady of Refuge Parish are listed below. Click on the links to learn more about them.


Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women

The Council is an organization of women from parishes throughout the Archdiocese. They bring the voice and needs of women to the attention of the bishops and pastors, and promote numerous ministries serving the needs of God’s people – e.g., United Way, Respect Life, programs for ethnic minorities, the poor, etc.. Our Lady of Refuge is well represented on the Council.


Boomers Plus

Originally started as "Joy with Others", this parish fellowship is for the older members of our parish, those of the Baby Boomer generation or older, those who are retired, veterans, or Senior Citizens. This group meets monthly for a fabulous potluck luncheon, bingo and on special occasions, additional entertainment. It also sponsors special bus trips for Seniors and service to other ministries.


YLI - Young Ladies' Institute No. 211

St. Pius X Institute is one of 108 branches of YLI in California, Oregon and Hawaii. It was established nearly 50 years ago, in the founding years of our parish. It is a fellowship of Catholic women who are dedicated to spiritual growth, service and outreach in works of charity to the larger community.



The Hospitality Committee is an informal gathering of men and women who “take charge” when the parish is in need of a community celebration. Committee members plan and set up receptions and parties for special occasions. Their goal is to bring the parish community together in a spirit of festivity, joy and unity.


Marriage Encounter

Marriage Encounter is a ministry which helps strengthen bonds of marriage relationships. It centers on a weekend where husband and wife spend time together, away from the distractions and tensions of everyday life. The talks, activities and atmosphere of the weekend helps them to focus on their relationships with each other and with God.


Yarn Barn Chicks

The "Yarn Barn Chicks" are generous and caring women who love to knit or crochet, and want to help people in need. They gather weekly to knit and crochet items for cancer patients, the homeless, needy and poor. While donating their talents to the good of others, they build community among themselves and the parish.