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Our Lady of Refuge and parishioners have hosted seminarians and students from Mexico. In all six seminarians and one layman have spent summers in Long Beach, working in the parish and at the homes of parishioners. All of the six seminarians are now priests —two are instructors at the Diocesan Seminary in Mexicali. A fourth is an instructor at the seminary in Tijuana and two are pursuing graduate studies - one in Rome and one in Mexico City. The sixth seminarian was ordained priest in the July of 2003. The young layman, Juan, is an airline pilot working out of Mexico City.

 Fathers Francisco Curley and Felipe Diosdado. Both men worked in Long Beach during summers during their seminary years. Fathers Francisco and Felipe studied at the Pontifical University in Mexico City for graduate studies. Both priests are now active in parish ministry in Tijuana 
  Father Francisco Curley and Tom Silva from Our Lady of Refuge in Long Beach.
Juan Chavez and Father Ramon Tapia stand with Bob McBride of Long Beach. Juan is now an airline pilot, and Father Ramon is doing graduate work in Spiritual Theology in Rome.
 Father Francisco Chavez of Mexicali. Father Francisco is an instructor at the Seminary in Mexicali.
Father Felipe Galarza who also spent a summer with Our Lady of Refuge in Long Beach. Father Felipe is currently an instructor at the Diocesan Seminary in Mexicali.