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Spiritual Growth Ministries

All who follow Jesus are told to become holy, just as our heavenly Father is holy. This is the call of all Christians, and it is carried out in many ways. At the basis of all good works and activities is prayer. Prayer is a principal source of energy in the Christian life. It gives inspiration and strength, and directs all else a person does.

At Our Lady of Refuge parish, there are a number of ministries which focus on helping people grow in a life of prayer and holiness. They are:

Small Church Communities

Small groups which meet in parishioners' homes to discuss the Sunday Scripture readings and the implications of these readings in daily life.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is the private guidance which involves the director, directee, and the Holy Spirit. It is a session where the spiritual director will listen with an “ear from the heart” and help the directee tell their story of unfolding grace. The directee meets with the director as a companion to best identify the footprints of the Holy Spirit in every day life. The spiritual director helps establish good prayer practices and or meditation with the directee to form a relationship with God.

Bible Study

Groups which focus on growing in our understanding of the Scriptures, and helping us use Scripture as a basis for prayer and direction in life.

Spiritual Book Club

Are you looking for a new way to enrich your spiritual life and grow in your faith journey? The book club reads a book and meets to share, discuss and grow.

Prayer Group

A group which meets weekly for prayer, song, petition and sharing about God's work in everyday life.