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Servants Sorrowing

In the late 1970’s parishioners George and Mary Stein were at a funeral Mass. The church was almost empty. Only a handful of relatives and friends were present to pray for the deceased, and most seemed unfamiliar with the Catholic Mass of Resurrection. There was a sense of sadness that so few persons were present to pray for and bid farewell to the deceased.


After Mass Monsignor Daly spoke with George and Mary. He asked them to organize a group of parishioners to act as “extended family” for funeral Masses. Whether the church was packed with people, or whether there was virtually no one present, a group of loving parishioners would always be present to offer prayer for the deceased person and provide support to the bereaved and to the priest celebrant.


For over twenty years, this ministry has continued. When a funeral is scheduled, the ministry coordinator calls group members. All those who are free at the scheduled time of the funeral, join as a prayerful and caring “extended family” during the Mass of Resurrection or memorial service.


For more information please contact the parish office at (562) 498-6641.