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Spring Event Wrapup 2017

Spring Event 2017 was a Success!


The event raised over $51,000 including $7,600 towards new awnings for the school (they've already been ordered). This means we more than doubled our investment (parent ticket purchases fund the event at about $24,000).  Here are some ways other ways parents have contributed and benefited from the, event:

  • 26 families donated items to the silent and live auctions totaling $14,861.  That's an average of $571 per family in fundraising cred¡t. WOW!
  • Class baskets raised $3373. Average class basket sales was $337.  YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS MATTER.
  • 15 families sold ads for the program totaling $2420. That's an average of $161 in fundraising credit per family.
  • 16 OLR Families raised their bid numbers for the awnings and contributed $1450 towards the $7600 raised.


Mark your calendars for next year's Sapphire Celebration, 65 Years of OLR School!

Spring Event 2018
Friday, April 20th


A special thank you to this year's spring event committee. It would not have been as successful without their extra help and attention to detail. It's a great group. Please consider joining the committee for next year's event.


Thank You to Heather Fallon, Nicole Trani Hardin & the Spring Event Committee!