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Father Manny Bravo

Archdiocese of Los Angeles

I answered the vocation to seminary studies in order to become a diocesan priest. I had a challenge, since I was not used to studying theological and philosophical subjects. I was used to analytical, objective and scientific subjects (mechanical engineering). It was very exciting to be challenged in different ways. I was particularly excited about learning moreabout my Catholic faith while in the seminary.

I am blessed to receive the call to become a Catholic priest. I have always felt that it is good to be a little anxious when taking a step (and I am). I truly cannot say that I know what to expect. I have always had a desire to become a priest and now feel that the Lord wanted me to wait until I was spiritually mature enough. The wait has taught me to understand more clearly the suffering of others. It has taught me to communicate with people and to thrive on their journeys and insights. It has taught me the importance of responsibility and commitment. I have learned how my sins affect not just me, but others and the whole world. I have grown to love the Catholic Church and her traditions as they help me to develop my relationship with Christ.

The priestly life is serving the community. This is surely very challenging and fulfilling. It seems that most of my Christian life I have been drawn to becoming a priest. I have spent time with the Dominicans, Brothers of Charity, Lay Mission Helpers and Franciscans. I have grown to love to be around people that love the Lord. My favorite prayer request is for Christian fellowship. God answered this prayer by bringing me to Christian community of Our Lady of Refuge (OLR). I cannot thank OLR enough for the spiritual and physical support I have received. All the relationships that our Lord has brought to me through OLR have made a dramatic impact on my life. They have introduced me to another part of Jesus that I would not have recognized on my own. I want to serve the community.

An Update - June, 2012

I was ordained a priest June 2nd, 2012. My first assignment parish is Mary Star of the Sea in San Pedro. Our Lady of Refuge has been my home for seven years. It has been my home parish for over 15 years. OLR has completely supported me with food, shelter and above all, prayers and fellowship. I thank all for being such an important part of my formation as a priest. Now it is time for others to start working on me. I will continue to pray for the community at OLR and that I always grow closer to God in a way that allows the Spirit of God to flow through me into others.

Praise Jesus!

Manny Bravo